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Very strange indeed

One of those pictures that show things that are so bizarre, you simply do not expect  them. You think your eyes are deceiving you and what you see is impossible or a trick of light, so you automatically move on without paying attention to it. But if you would look better you would see details that shouldn't be there, but still they are. This is a crop from the original (2048x1536) picture, not enlarged. See enlarged details below.




I'll just tell you what I think I see. A little figure, wearing a bluish cap or helmet, coming from behind a blade of grass. There's a beam of light that appears to be coming from a floodlight that is actually attached to it's helmet. I know it sounds crazy, but could he/she be providing extra light for plants/beings living close to the ground? It's just a thought. You may click  here or on the picture to see an enlargment  (1668 x 1428 pixels, opens in new window).


Look again...

This is going to sound absolutely hilarious, I know. Remember it’s just their way of showing up.

stem  doesn’t actually have arms and a woman’s face with reddish hair in the middle. And she does not really hold an acorn affectionately to her chest.

But it sure looks like it, doesn’t it?


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