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Leaf painting ?

An interesting picture. It looks like a message projected on the leaf of a stinging nettle. Almost like a cave painting.You should be able to see several figures, most of them animal-like. One of them, is putting something in a basket ( look  how detailed it is ).I cannot explain what it represents just yet.

When I first looked at this picture of a stinging nettle, I did not notice anything abnormal. At closer look I discovered three little figures, hanging underneath a leave. You should be able to recognize a bird, a pig and something that looks like, ehm yes, a human bottom.

Could this be a symbol for the food chain and how we have manipulated it? Maybe nature's way of letting us know that it is not happy with the way we treat animals for our consumption in factory farming?


ďA dead insect, stuck to a leafĒ, someone said about this one. Could be, although I donít know any insect with a head similar to that of a rabbit.

Interesting detail: on the very spot this picture was taken (in our garden) there used to be a rabbit cage until our rabbit died six months before this picture.



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