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This actually appear to be dwarfs or gnomes. Picture above: image of a gnome, sitting in a tree's trunk. Actually there are several beings to be seen, their images overlap. Mark the two arms with hands sticking out of the tree!  The one below was "walking" in a tree, in a  slightly over-exposed part of a picture. It looks like he is  "rushing up" a branch. He seems to have the most important  features of a dwarf: beard, red cap. His feet are not visible.



Although I had my doubts about the picture below for some time, I now think it's really spectacular.
A beautiful scene of a gnome (carrying a metal shield) protecting a tree, as if it stands guard at the entrance.

It strikes me that they seem to take pleasure in showing just enough of themselves to make you look and scratch the back of your head. The little figure below looks at the camera from between the leaves. He must have been only a few cm in size, given the size of the plants.


They often seem to be hiding (behind a tree, like this one) and seem to be very careful. For their own sakes or for ours? We've been ridiculizing them for so long. What if we found out they are for real? How would we react? Gnomes are commonly associated with heathendom/paganism. It would surely stir up religious discussions.

The little man below looks at the camera from his shelter. This picture was magnified a few times.


The magnificent picture below has to be looked at very carefully. It requires a specific way of watching, you will actually have to look into the picture. If you do so, you will see the subtle world actually shine through. You might discover at least three gnomes. Their transparancy make them dissolve in the rest of the picture.

Picture below: various gnomes photographed near a tree in the early evening, using the last light of the sun. Because the picture was taken in somewhat underexposed conditions with no flash, the camera chose a longer shutter time, causing the picture to be a bit unsharp. Perfect conditions for these kinds of appearances. Note the ghostly figure left of the tree. He seems to be spraying the grass. I've tried to magnify/enhance the details (below). Unfortunately things remain a bit blurry.

This is how they are often seen by sensitive people. As a group, from a distance, near trees, partly covered by the leaves, peeking into one's direction. Showing "just enough of themselves"


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