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Salamanders (fire spirits)


  Spirits in the fireplace?

Salamanders (fire-spirits) are usually perceived as lizard-like beings. Well, that is not what I encountered when I took pictures of a fireplace recently.

Take this picture, for example.
Can you see a fat man with a red spherical cap? Seems (with all due respect) a bit out of place in the elegance of the flames.


Complex structure

I don't know what it represents, but it looks beautiful. In my view there's something that looks like a beautifully ornamented seat or throne (notice the perfect symmetry!). And an etheric being looking down on it.



Conducted by...

This man, viewed from the side, was just in front of the fire, just like a conductor in front of an orchestra pit.
And that's a bit what he looks like, don't you think? I love the analogy !



No, this is no burning pink toy or anything. Nothing but plain old wood in the fireplace. Remember they can take on any form. Don't let the cartoon-like appearance mislead you. Amazing how it uses two flames for its eyes. It makes him look a bit evil though. You should be able too see one arm and a hand (again, straight from a comic book) as well.

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