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This apparition was only a few mm in size, but had a huge impact. I noticed some foamy material sticking to a couple of grass-blades on our lawn, the kind of stuff you see in the early morning when everything is damp. You should be able to see a creature sitting in the foam, as if he was sitting in a comfy chair, with his hands on the arm-rests. Look at the expression on his face. He seems a friendly little fellow....

It's sometimes as if nature can  store memories from the past and display them in one way or another from time to time. Also memories of human history.

I live in an area that was occupied by the Romans in the first centuries after Christ. Many artefacts have been found by archeologists.

It seems that energies from this eventful period in time can be picked up by nature or can be stored in some way and displayed at any given time.

Picture on the left: this is "just" a leaf on the ground, photographed at close distance.

It's as if the face of a Roman soldier shines through it. Note the presence of the characteristic Roman warrior helmet.

The picture below is similar and was taken just 1 kilometre from this spot.

  Nature warrior

This magnificent apparition chose the ferocious looks of again a (Roman?) soldier. It's not the first time it looks a bit "cartoonish"

You should be able to see the characteristic helmet in detail and he even seems to be carrying a spear. Note te relatively big, almost cartoon-like, mouth that makes him look rather savage.

On the spot of apparition,  only a few dead brown leaves could be seen at the time I took the picture.

  Enigmatic creature...?

Nature's autumn colors in all their beauty. It was a pleasant day and we were enjoying everything. And we were not the only ones, as I discovered on this picture.

A strange creature is looking into my direction. An optical illusion?  It must be composed leaves and branches..You can only see one eye, the other is hidden behind a branch. They often show just a part of themselves. But just enough to make you look.

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